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Lake view open 29 Sept 07

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  • Lake view open 29 Sept 07

    Got up saturday morning 6.30am,me and my mate Tom were off to Lakeview at Melton Mowbary for the open to test our wits against the venue regulars.
    I had fished there only a few times in a fisho qualifier and the odd open here and there over the years,Tom had fished it a little more than me and had some good weights in the proccess and picking up a few envolopes.

    The venue if you have never been is all snake and canal types of lakes, with a 14m pole limit in force so is quite fair to a variety of anglers. stocked with a variety of fish including carp,F1,chub,bream,goldfish,roach and barbel.
    An exellent cafe and tackle/bait shop are all on site.

    The open we were fishing was to be on Marina lake one I had never had the pleasure of fishing before,some of the regulars informed me that there were some bigger stamp of carp in this lake along with the usual stamp of fish.
    Before the draw we were watching people fishing on Serpent lake which is right next to the cafe.
    A young lad had been fishing on a little waggler set up for a while with not much joy,one of the regulars called 'Monty' offerd his services and soon had him getting bites which is what its all about,great to see.

    Anyway at the draw I drew out peg 23 on Marina which meant nothing to me or my mate Tom who drew 17 out the bag.
    So off we went to our pegs,we arrived at Toms peg first which to his dissapointment was very bare with no features to fish to apart from one clump of grasses!
    So I left him to moan on his own to see what I had been dealt with.
    My peg was better with more stick ups and a bit of bare bank to fish to at about 13m,which i decided being my main attack.
    After having a good plumb round I set up rigs for accross on the shelf another rig down the shelf incase they backed off,and a margin rig at six section to my left as it was deeper than my right hand side and felt the fish would settle there better and spook less.
    All rigs were tied on Siltar matchteam 0.12 ,16 tubitini 808 coupled up with grey hydro, with a 4*8 Preston Chianti for the across and margin rigs and a Bazzarella 0.2 for the bottom of the shelf.
    I soaked some micro pellet for about a minute and left it in my landing net to dry off before giving the pellet a good stir to seperate them,this would be my main feed topped off with a little crushed pellet in the top of the kinder to stop it bouncing out on the way over.
    I decided to feed micros in the margin as well with a few cubes of meat hoping to snare some better fish there.

    At the all in most people around me potted in a few lines,I decided to go across and be cautious at 13m with a 4mm Carp vader expander on with no feed to see how things were.
    I had dotted my float down so much that the weight of the expander would pull the float under as the bottom was all aver the place with stones and gravel.
    So I shipped back in, put about 15mm of depth on added a little vasaline to the tip of the bristle and back out I went,lowerd the rig in and dragged it up the shelf until I could just see the tip of the float "lovely" I thought when the float dipped then burried fish on!
    An F1 around a pound was safley in the net,it must be solid over there i thought. So back accross again no feed 4mm expander on the hook,this time no fish.
    I decided to introduce a small kinder of feed to see if this worked a pinch of micro topped of with crushed pellet,which resulted in a shot burst action of F1s about four in total,not much was being caught anywhere so decided to stick to this tactic,now that I had a few in the net I decided to feed a couple of back up lines for later on, one at the bottom of the shelf with two walnut sized balls of micros and a little micro and meat in my margin.
    A few fish were coming out here and there with one bloke on the end peg 25 catching a very good stamp of carp down the track on maggot.
    I contiued to catch accross on expander steadily with no joy on corn ,meat,maggot all they wanted was expander.
    Then it all went quiet on me so I started to ask myself the usuall questions like,had I overfed ? Or had they backed off down the shelf,after trying to chase them down the shelf and left and right of my feed with no joy!
    So I decided to re feed and rest it then fish my margin for a while hoping they would return.
    No bites in the margin so back across to 13m a few fish then it would die again,so I decided top set up another line across to fish one while resting another,this didn't work either so threw away the second line and stuck to catching in small bursts on the origonal line.
    The bloke on 25 was now empting it with big fish and skimmers in the track so I decided to feed another line towards him down the track with maggot as he did.
    Back across for a few more small F1 on the expander at 13m but was very slow going and still my only productive line as the maggot track line failed as did the bottom of the shelf!
    With half an hour left I decided to try and catch a bonus fish at 6m in the margin which I had been feeding and checking all day with no joy,when the float shot under and a four pound common in the net again expander doing the damage and not meat as i intended.One more reasonable F1 out the edge followed then the whistle went.

    All I could manage was 27lb 04oz and just three pound short of the frame,I went to see Tom and he was right about his baron peg as he said he stuggled all day and even went two hours without a bite,he had 12lb and did very well for his area.
    I don't think I could have got much more out the peg as I never lost any fish and just couldn't get them to settle at all.
    The two end pegs dominated with 60lb for peg 25 who fished a blinder and opposite him on 27 40lb again an end peg,with 31lb being third.
    The backup weights were terrible,hopefully it will improve when we get some settled weather instead of this mix of hot cold then rain were getting at the moment!

    Off to Whiteacres next week for the Preston festival lets hope I can land a few down there.

    All the best Jamie.
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    Roll on friday