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Fishing Adventures of a copier engineer.

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  • Fishing Adventures of a copier engineer.

    Hi folks, think i'll use this thread as a place to put some of my fishing trips
    today i went to The Riddings fishery near Tamworth, fished a pool called The Folly ( my fav. pool ) a couple of knocks & after 20 mins a small roach around half a pound or so. a few more odd bites but not another fish until 2:00PM ( been there since about 7:30AM ) , i was about ready for packing in because it was so dead, but i'd been steadily feeding small particles of bait against the end of a small tree's branches only about 5 feet off the bank. so before packing in, i decided to have a go by the tree, bunged 4 red maggots on a slightly bigger hook, float in, seconds later bite on, after a few mins of fighting a 7lb mirror in the landing net

    Threw a bit more loose feed in, dropped the pole rig in place, instant bite again, out goes the elastic, after about 25 mins & a lot of aches & pains caused, a 10lb common in the net ( took 3 attempts to net because the net's to small ) have caught bigger carp, but that was the hardest fighting carp i've ever netted.

    Rig back inplace, off again, stretched elastic & off the fish fell , try again, within 10 mins another mirror in the net, didn't weigh this one, but i recon it was between 3 & 4lb. feeling happy now, few more missed bites, decided to put some more loose feed in, so made the mistake of putting the pole down on 2 rod rests with the float just left in the middle of the water, threw the maggots, heard a strange sound & turned to see my pole air-born 20 yards or so out across the pool! but luck must have been on my side for a very rare change, because a kind Carpie rescued my pole from the other end of the lake before it had chance to sink
    happy days.

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    decided to try the same peg as last week @ the riddings. i've always used a pole, not used a feeder since i was a lad ( too many years ago ), but something told me to try a feeder after nearly losing the pole for good last week.
    anyway, i bought a method feeder, read up on how they work & decided to give it a crack. cast in at about 6:50AM, put the rod down, tightened the line enough to give the tip a slight bend, one minute later ...
    this method feeder lark is brill. that was the biggest, i'm guessing it was 8 or 9lb. caught another 6 carp between 1.5lb & 5lb, i did switch to the pole at one point after feeding the tree spot that i fished last week. but all i got was a small roach & had a perch fall off. so i switched back to the feeder.

    at that point i'd caught 6 out of a total of 7 carp for the day, within minutes i got another nice carp on, as i slid the net in the water, it came off but next cast made up for it when i caught the last carp of the session ( even if it was the smallest at around 1.5lb )

    decided at about 3:15 to pack in, because the numbness from the cold was wearing off & being replaced by shear pain

    anyway i'm a happy bunny now & will be a regular with the method feeder i guess