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  • Woodlands

    My Match

    Saturday 16th September - Woodland Lakes

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    boring boring boring....heard it all before

    If you had gone on the river then it might have been worth reading Mr Herringbone....

    Stick to blocking peoples


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      Hey up woodlouse. I was intending going on the river, but due the the rain etc, I didn't fancy it. I am going with my son sea fishing on Sat, but next week may be a river match.


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        Did You get your Chappy slap what i ordered for you for sending me that stupid email?


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          woodlands overfished

          Dear all,
          I am a brand new member and thought it would be a good start to say hi to everyone and to go easy on me as ive only been fishing a couple of years on and off. I had a visit to woodlands at carlton miniot yesterday and was a bit concerned at how easy it was to catch and how deformed some of the fish were,i felt really sick at the site of some of the roach and other small fish. Is this due to them been overfished?
          I was also concerned at how many anglers were catching big fish and not using un-hooking mats for big carp,
          To be truthfull it was to easy even for me, cant imagine what a experienced angler would do to the place probs empty the lake, no wonder there dont allow keep nets, ha ha.
          Steve swan


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            Swany, which lake did you fish?


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              I finished the kingfisher lake.


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                Swany, when you say big fish, how big are you talking. Most anglers have a large landing net and can un-hook a 10lb+ fish in the landing net without it having to touch the fish, or lay the fish on the ground.

                Did you get many skimmers, what bait did you fish?