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New fishes for 2012 from Bulgaria

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  • New fishes for 2012 from Bulgaria

    Hi friends. Did i missed you? Don't think i'm gone... just was so cold winter here and almost no fish anywhere in my region.

    I started the year with 2 small fish, whatever it is a fish the place is on the picture above few posts. The deep was 12 meters at 20 meters from me. I used slider 6+14 grams and it was so so. It was very cold and windy, but there's no fishes. After a few weeks continued on other good place for this time for the year. It's the same lake, but other place (it's arround 15km road from other place) - and the lake is the same. This is one of the biggest lake in Bulgaria.
    I mean this place:

    the bait

    and the rig

    A few weeks ago i visited my born city - Stara Zagora. we have a city's lake. it's small and there's some fish - roach and a fish simillar to skimmers.
    I'm giving you some pics:

    added some died maggots

    to take these balls with cup kit on the pole

    I got a few of theese fish

    on this

    Catched at 11 meters on the pole, 1.2gr float (it was big) and main line 0.12mm. Hook N18 drennan super match.
    The bait was 1pc VDE Supermatch + clay.

    A few days later i visited other peg in this lake. This one.

    Very beautiful. Fishes there are difficult to catch. I got just a few roach and skimmers. But what's more for me?...

    Last week i visited other lake here, near the city i'm living now - Varna. There's good fish, but the water is still cold. I choosed good place, where the deep was 1 meter. I tried my new feeder - Preston Carbonactive 11.5fr. Catched a few carassio. This is a brilliang rod for these fish and silvers. Liket it very much.

    My friend got alot of more fish on the pole.

    Just to ask you - what is the name of fishing place - (place) or (peg) ? I've met it in the magazines like peg, but not sure.

    Best regards,

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    Excellent posts. hope the fishing gets good as the weather improves.