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Recent trip to Ireland

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  • Recent trip to Ireland

    Sit back i'll keep it short
    Ron invited me over for a few days/week end a couple of weeks back, mmmm after the last time i was over at Ireland with Les the fishing sure did put me off.

    After a little bit of persuasion from Ron i decided to go.
    A booking online with Easy Jet, from Newcastle to Belfast and i was ready.
    I flew out last Thursday, 31st August. Upon arrival at Belfast International Airport Ron picked me up. We then travelled onto the tackle shop at Lisburn to meet up with the Big Man Colin.
    To say i was like a kid in a candy shop would be an undersatatement, cracking shop, and reasonable prices to, a pint of maggots £2.00, £2.70including maggot tub

    Two pints of maggots four bags of groundbait and 3kilo brown crumb later i was finished spending.
    We had a chat in the carpark about the coming week end, It was agreed we meet up at 7am o the Friday morning to fish the River Bann at Newferry.
    We then went onto a bar gfor a meal, full as a gun with chicken tortilla wraps, Ron and myself had them, The big man stumped for Lamb shank and the trimmings

    We departed company for the time being.

    Ron and myself arrived at Rons house, i then met Shona, Granma, Becky and little Nicky.

    We had a great chat/get to know each other over tea and biscuits.
    Later Ron and myself headed for the local hostelry, Enough of that thanks .pint :wink: drinking abound LoL

    Friday, up with the larks (5.30am)for our meeting with Colin., car packed and away we went.
    We met up with the big man and then onto the river.
    I was amazed when i saw it for the first time, it was all that Ron had said and more.

    We drove down a muddy path, Ron got thru but the big man got stuck
    Sorry Colin

    He had a bash at getting him out but the fishing was calling stronger than the car.

    We chose our pegs, set the gear up, brollies up and got very comfy.

    Ron on hs peg

    Colin on his peg

    An my peg

    First cast for me and a fish, second cast and a fish, WOW i thought i'm gonna like this place.The day continued at that pace, We broke up for tea and sandwiches, burnt sausages made by the chef in waiting Colin, but they were hot and tasty. Thanks Colin

    We then had another go at getting the car out, an hour or so late we managed to get him out, much to all our relief, phew.

    Back to fishing. More fish, roach and skimmers, the roach were averaging around the 3/4lb size.
    Then i heard Colin give a shout of joy, waheyyyyyy a nice bream

    We had a look at it and it was decided it was a very large HYBRID, not the classic downturned top jaw of the bream , Can you make it out ???

    Then it was my turn

    A nice "hybrid/bream" for me.
    After a lot of roach and skimmers fell to our rods we agreed to call it a day, Times and arrangmernts for the followung day were made and we then left. Ron and i restrained ourselves from the bar that night, i was tucked up in bed by 11.10pm


    Another early rise, 5.30am again, Tea and toast, car packed and off to meet the Big Man Colin
    We went to the tench lake, Willis in Belfsat, in heavy rain and very muddy conditions Colin and Ron set up, Two rods for Ron, method and ledgered baits, Colin also set two rods up, I was "looking" after one of Rons rods, LoL. The rain never stopped all morning, horrible mud was getting worse by the minute.

    Yet again the big man gave a shout of joy. I ran round to his peg in a very careful manner, i did not fancy going in the water or on my backside, LoL.
    I got Colins landing net and netted this fine tench for him

    Colin had a couple of more takes but they were not a good enough take to strike into it.
    With the rain still very heavy we decided it was time to call it a day. Gear down car packed and away.
    Back to Rons for a good hot shower and a fish dinner, mmmmm very nice, Ron likes a lot of condiments on his fish and fries LoL.

    Off to the pub for a few beers, enough said hangover.gif

    I woke at 5.20am, felling very sick, head buzzing, stomach churning, hangover.gif hangover.gif, never again will i drink with an Irishman who drinks for fun, Nice to meet you Sammy :nice1: , greay fella and full of fun.

    A cup of tea, flasks made and a couple of slices of toast, car packed away we went.

    Portglenone was our destination.
    Rons peg on the bankside

    My peg on the bankside

    The river

    And again

    Now for a boring shot, my tip LoL

    The pace of the fishing was like Newferry, a fish a cast, roach were a bit smaller this time but they were in abundance again.

    I'm afraid to say the drinking session of the night before got to me, i had to retire to the car for a nap,

    Had a decent hour or so until Ron banged on the window, time to fish he said, head spinnind and stomach still churning back to the fishing.

    I continued to catch at a steady rate, as did Ron, Come 5pm we decided to call it a day. Gear packed in the car, we chatted with some English anglers who were fishing the river. We told them about Newferry and they decided to fish it on the Monday.
    Ron and i left them with good luck wishes.

    Back at Rons house Shona had made a very tastey lasagne, sweet chillie chips, lemon chillie chips, garlic bread, Full to the brim after eating it Ron and myself were almost dropping off to sleep.

    Shona suggested that Ron and myself go to the pub as it was my last night there.
    10pm and off to the pub, Sammy was already there, Agnes his wife joined us later, Shona was babysitting her two adorable girls, Becky and Nicky, Granma was there in attendance.

    The Guinness was going down very nice thank you, but as i had promised Ron, come 12 O'CLOCK no more, and i stuck to my guns. Shona arrived to pick us up, in the car and away we went.

    Cuppa and then bed for a well earned sleep, I had a nice late sleep in 8.20am,
    Shona got the girls ready for school, a very pretty picture they were.

    We spend the rest of the day chatting, having tea and watching some TV.
    We left the house at around 1.55pm to collect Becky from school, we left Shona to pick Becky up, Onto the airport for my flight home,

    The time i spend there.
    A very special family to me, a great Country, great people, and this time great fishing, will i be back, I should think so.

    Once again Ron, Shona, Granma, Becky and Nicky, thanks for having another smelly fisherman in your house.

    One other than you

    Thans Johnny for letting me have your room
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    [B][COLOR="Red"]Be happy, go fishing[/COLOR][/B] :)

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    Travelled to Southern Ireland (Ballinamore,Co. Leitrim)for 20 consecutive years until my fishing buddy was beaten by age. Like you Thoma found the people we stayed with were brilliant. Couldn't compete with the hosts downing of the crack. His local never seemed to close!! Commented once on the past hours drinking to be told the guy on the end of the bar was the Garda!!The fishing for tons of bream did tail off, but we were always able to bag up on hybrids and roach.Methinks you'll be returning!!
    John - Kingfisher
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    Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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      The bream sure have dropped off mate, i used to visit Co Cavan, Ballyconnel, Killeshandra, Belturbet, Bawnboy and a few other places, the fishing is terrible.

      The River Bnan is a great place for roach, bream and those stamp of hybrids mate. Yes i'm going back, very shortly 4th October for 6 days
      [B][COLOR="Red"]Be happy, go fishing[/COLOR][/B] :)


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        Lucky fellow!! Over the years we visited all of the places you metion.Latterly because of my buddy's infirmity found a spot 1 mile from the guest house on St John's Lake,Ballinamore!
        John - Kingfisher
        Talk Angling Senior Member
        Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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          Have you guys ever fished any of the big Irish festivals?
          Simon Young
          Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
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            Not me mate, pure pleasure angling over there.
            [B][COLOR="Red"]Be happy, go fishing[/COLOR][/B] :)


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              Are you interested in any mate, ?? if so which ones.

              The Queen of Clubs and the King of Clubs are the biggies in County Cavan

              Theres also the Belturbet Festival which is ran in June ( not sure of dates )
              Thats a well entered festival,
              [B][COLOR="Red"]Be happy, go fishing[/COLOR][/B] :)