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New pb and a great days fishing, eventually

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  • New pb and a great days fishing, eventually

    Sunday the 10th of june. 2 days after the first anniversary of my dads death, and I decided that I was going to go fishing to cheer myself up a bit. Preperations had been made on the saturday evening, bait, butties etc. I decided on a small stillwater local to me, a day ticket place that usually throws up some nice carp if you're patient. more importantly though, it is usually fairly quiet, I say usually ha ha. First job was to call in at a tckle shop, I had bought a middy white knuckle waggler 10 ft waggler rod over the weekend, but having looked at it and had a think, I decided it may be a bit too mob handed for my liking so i managed to swap it for a garbolino 10ft rocket waggler rod. I have had one of these before, they are a nice rod when above average carp are a about and it was my favourite until i snapped the top section. Anyway, i cut through to the fishery, all excited about a nice days fishing on a quiet water, that is until I turned into the car park and saw 4 umbrellas up! Typical! I could have dealt with this usually, bu they were all fishing 2 rods with legers, its only a small pond so there was a bit of a spider web effect of lines going on. I eventually managed to find a swim to fish, got my box set up and pulled out the new garbolino rod out of its bag, only to discover it had no top eye!! I should of checked it before leaving the shop, but was too excited and in a rush to get fishing! I uttered a few expletives i can tell you! what else could go wrong! Luckily i had a float rod in my hodall, just a cheap 12 footer, so i got that set up with a 2aa waggler on 5lb line straight through to a size 16 hook. I plumbed up about 3 rodlengths out, and started fishing just on the bottom. HookBait was corn, and i fed pellets and corn little and often over the top. after 20 minutes I had the first carp, a short fat common, about 6 lb. That was it for the next 3 hours, save for a couple of small roach, but I wasnt worried because I kow this place doesnt switch on til the evening, so I was happy That i was laying down some bait for when it happened. This place is in the hills, and it was a beautiful day, warm sunny and still. 2 buzzards were riding the thermals over the hills, and the rhoddedndrons on the hill were all in flower. It really was nice just to be there, and i mean that. Also my mate had turned up to join me by now, and had managed to get himself set up next to me. Which was good, Its nice taking in the scenery, but its nice to have a mate to chat to as well. anyway, about 4 o'clock i had a nice mirror and shortly after another one, and another one, all nice fish that were around 8 lb of anyones money. followed by a few nice skimmers and roac. my mate had had some nice carp too by now.Then all went quiet for about 45 minutes, so i decided to change bait to a small cube of meat. Within 2 minutes of casting in, the float disappeared. I struck and knew I was connected to something bigger. It was staying deep and felt heavy. After about 10 minutes, I managed to get it into the net, which I was glad of because my arm was aching by now. It looked big in the net and felt heavy. it went 13lb 10 oz on the scales which we decided was 12lb 14oz with the weight of the net taken off. It was a lovely fish and i was made up because it is my official personal best that ive had weighed and photographed. My mate said, Looks like Mr davies is looking down on us

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    Well done on a new pb.
    Don"t be shy get the pics on pal.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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      Thanks mate, the pics are on my profile. wasnt sure how to attatch them to the post.


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        There you go pal.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          Oh, cheers ha ha! dad would be proud of me in that pic!


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            As its a new pb,thought I"d tart it up a bit for you,hope it"s not long before you get to beat it.
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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              many thanks


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                Well done neil! Sounds like a great day! Nice write up,your dad would be proud.
                Team south- 2014 talk angling inter regional team champs
                Alwight tweacle?


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                  Well done, its always nice to get a pb..........


                  Nice bit of artistic licence Hurricane
                  Team Mosella Black Country

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                  If you havnt got a good partner.
                  Then you better have a good Hand


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                    It"s amazing how much clutter gets in on photo"s,even in this digital age when you can view them instantly.
                    God bless imaging software lol.
                    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.