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  • Yorkshire Baits - FREE SHIPPING OFFER

    Hi Guys,

    As Perry has just opened his new website at he has said that there is a special offer on this week and next for free shipping for any orders over £20

    Also anyone who finds any problems with the site then please let me know on this thread.

    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
    web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital

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    took advantage of this offer and my order arrived today after ordering it on tuesday, brilliant. l have used his groundbaits before and have done really well with them so this time l ordered some different items. the bait chunks look wow and hoping to try them at the weekend.

    thanks for putting this offer up Oneabung


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      Hi Simon,are Yorkshire Baits & G.O.T the same baits mate?if not what one would you say is best.I'm looking to stock up on baits for the summer,any advice i'd be greatfull.


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        Hi Simon need a bit of help please mate,can anyone give me a phone no to speak with some one @ Yorkshire Baits?I'm trying to make another order,i left a message with my phone no but no reply.I don't use paypal,so i need to talk on the phone.Many thanks for any help.I guess Perry is away fishing ATM,maybe this is why iv got no reply.


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          perry is a busy man matey but im 100% sure he will help u out and GOT baits are not the same im sure yorkshire baits are 110times better much longer lasting and stay on the hook

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            Originally posted by SheffieldLad View Post
            perry is a busy man matey but im 100% sure he will help u out and GOT baits are not the same im sure yorkshire baits are 110times better much longer lasting and stay on the hook
            Hi SheffieldLad,i'm just back from a fishing tip.I'm sure perry will help me out to order some more yorkshire baits.If anyone can pm me a phone no & when best is to call id be greatfull.
            thanks guys.


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              Thanks to the guys @ yorkshire baits on speedy Del on order.


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                well on sunday l actually got round to using some of the yellow toffee groundbait that l bought as mentioned previously, been using my stockpile that l had bought from the original supplier before starting on the new stuff. in my opinion this latest product is not of the same quality as the original, loads of what appear to be hardened crystals that shatter when you pinch them between finger and thumb. wish l had taken a sieve with me. there is tons of yellow dye in this product my hands were bright yellow for hours. not a great deal of aroma either in my opinion. it did mix up ok but l have now lost my confidence with this product. at the end of the session fishing two rods to the same area one with yellow toffee ground bait, and the other using soaked micro pellets both with inline feeders i caught just three tench on the yellow toffee attack as oppsed to nine on the pellet approach both using the same hair rigged hookbait. will give it another try this weekend and see what happens, but feeling quite disappointed with this product at the moment.
                has anybody else been using this lately got any thoughts on it.