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Have you ever had your gear stolen?

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  • Have you ever had your gear stolen?

    I have had mine nicked twice from my garage, the second time they cut a hole in the roof passed everything out and then put the chunk they cut out back in the hole... I never knew till the following weekend!
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    wauw oneabung ! I think i would move from ur area didnt they burgel ur house recenty whilst u was still in bed?????? Anyway they nead stringing up!


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      some right rough areas around Donny
      and a few brilliant areas


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        never had any gear stolen, but somone took my pot of worms once...


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          Originally posted by eb View Post
          never had any gear stolen, but somone took my pot of worms once...
          pmsl they say where theres muck theres money


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            the thing was, i was on a canal boat at hawksbury junction, theres a good head of perch, so i had brought maggots and a mixed worm pot (the ones you buy in a tackle shop). Quite a few people walked past and somebody made a remark about it being cruel fishing with worms but i didnt think anything of it.
            When i packed up that night i put the worm pot inside a bait box and put it under the front of the boat.
            when i got up in the morning they where all gone out of both boxes, and the lids where both on.
            crazy people :S


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              You`ve got to protect your expensive tackle with alarms and locks to keep the scrotes out .

              If anyone wants to expand a house alarm to cover a garage or shed then pm me


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                any kind of theft is a pain and inence,had some mushrooms nicked at glasto 1986,still aint got over it,thieving swines.........


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                  i had the lot go last october from in the house, insurance company paid out eventually, replaced everything but its strange getting used to all new kit!


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                    Had all my stolen last year. I was also borrowing my friends pole at the time when it was stolen. I wasn't insured either, Could have cried.

                    Still know where near what I had before but I'm slowly getting there. Started off just fishing canals, sorted enough kit for that. Just started pools again and it's taken me a while to sort kit for that. Back on the river next weekend, gotta try and sort enough kit for that now.


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                      Went fishing on the glen march 11th this year. Packed up at 20.00, went home. Left all tackle in van ready to go following morning as i had bagged up on big perch on the chop.

                      got in van next morning reversed out of drive,

                      smashed window and everythig taken except HH jacket with my name on and a groundbait bucket. - B**t**ds

                      I got £2000 back as it was locked in a vehicle. If it had been in shed or garage i would only have got £1000.

                      Total taken £7500 ish.

                      managed to buy second hand and replace my tackle which is now in study (nick that you w**k**s).

                      I felt violated.


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                        Had all mine stolen from garage,years of saving and collecting items i wanted.Had it all replaced eventually thankfully had some press cuttings of my few sucesses lol which seemed to sway things with the insurance company.Ended up with a lot of stuff i didnt really want, a fosters scam of selling popular items at full rrp to insurance customers.


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                          the Fosters scam you refer to isnt a scam, all of the insurance companies work on a retail priced quote, and a retail priced replacement, then they pay the supplier an agreed figure.

                          Ill give you an example.

                          Joe Bloggs buys an Airity tomorrow from Fosters cash price £2800.

                          he has it stolen next week, and rings his insurance company, they ask him to get a quote from his local dealer, the insurance company then ask their preferred supplier, usually Fosters or Angling Direct for a price of the item at RRP, and a discounted price.

                          Joe Bloggs goes to Local Angling for example who type a quote out for 4999 retail, and offer it for the cash price of 2800, insurance company then have a price off their contracted dealer of 4999 retail, and probably discounted down to about 2650 for example.

                          The insurance company then have 2 choices, send a cheque to the bloke direct for 2650, and theres no guarantee of where the dough goes, the other option is to send the cheque to the shop .... this is where the confusion comes .. the insurance company instruct their supplier to supply the pole at RRP, and to invoice for discounted price, so the pole is effectively "charged" out at 4999, but invoiced to the insurance company for less than the street price, the reason they insist on this is because the saving from RRP to insurance discounted price is high, and it looks like the claims handler has saved on an Airity claim £2350, when in reality only £150 has been saved.

                          Its a simple equation .. the goods are quoted to the insurance company at RRP, and "sold back" ( although no cash changed hands ) at RRP, and the insurance company pay generally under the street price of items. on small things like a £1 packet of hooks, or say a Sensas groudbait bucket and riddle set most shops might give you 10% off, shops dealing with insurance companies have to offer large discounts on generally undiscounted items, and overall the profit margins are not brilliant on insurance work, for a million pounds contract, youd be amazed at the end profit, when cost of goods, staff time, and courier costs are taken into account, however the extra buying gives the shops more bargaining power with major dealers, so customers get a better price on stuff in the long run.

                          Before anyone rubbishes what I have said, I speak with 20 years tackle shop experience, and also I managed Fosters Insurance Department from November 2000, to February 2011.

                          hope this clears up the myth of the Insurance Scam


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                            Originally posted by MT NET View Post
                            any kind of theft is a pain and inence,had some mushrooms nicked at glasto 1986,still aint got over it,thieving swines.........
                            They weren't those kind of Musherooms were they? LOL

                            i've had mine pinched from my shed twice, now i keep it in the House