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Tackle Stolen Sheffield 12th November 2013

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  • Tackle Stolen Sheffield 12th November 2013

    stolen in the early hours of 12th November 2013,
    Rive D36HSP box with extra drawers and trays added
    Airity pole 16m silver
    with 20top kits
    Diawa pro x margin pole 11m
    with 3 top kits
    4x Preston mini series rods :
    12ft power carp rod
    11ft feeder rod
    12ft power float rod
    11ft float rod
    4x tdr reels
    airity landing net pole
    Preston monster hardcase large rod holdall and accessorie bag
    plus loads of other bits for box.
    if offered for sale please contact me

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    this is the 5th or 6th time round Sheffield in the last 6/7 weeks,sad times really,fingers crossed something turns up.


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      Originally posted by MT NET View Post
      this is the 5th or 6th time round Sheffield in the last 6/7 weeks,sad times really,fingers crossed something turns up.
      If I had my way the thieving scum wouldn't be joining in the finger crossing if they get caught - should get their hands chopped off, been too soft for too long on criminals in this country, makes me sick. Look at the list of tackle there thats been nicked - gonna be knocking on ten grands worth - bet the lads had to work long and hard to afford all that and some complete waster just goes and helps himself

      Hope it turns up mate, and hope they get caught and get what they deserve (well they won't get what they deserve - the do-gooders will see to that), but hope they get punished. I'll let you know if I hear of any gear like this going dead cheap in the Manchester area.


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        EXACTLY what Spickup has just said....i'll keep an eye around Brum aswell mate.



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          cheers lads
          kick in nuts is insurance wont cover it, so got to start again from scratch


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            It happens all over, my mate had it last year 10k's worth and only insured for 3k. He was told by someone in the tackle trade that it often gets moved across the country to be re sold. Hope you get a result mate.


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              I know how you feel fisch, I got done in June, still can't get motivated to go! 10k worth gone ,20 years worth of saving and buying insurance payed out 2k , I should have read the small print! Hope something turns up! Does anybody know who's best to insure your tackle with? Most will only do 2k in the garage no matter how secure it is? Yet if it gets stolen out of your car you get paid out more??? Never claimed before so don't know how much it will affect insurance either..