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Spare pole? or any other tackle?

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  • Spare pole? or any other tackle?

    As I am a beginner to fishing I have mainly fished in the local canal. I have heard that a pole is the best method of fishing in canals, my twin brother and I would be very greatful if someone had one that they were willing to give away. In addition it would be great if anyone had any spare hooks or floats lying around that they do not want.

    Thanks, Ant

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    what a joke

    the amount of money that people spend on poles you wont get one for free, you can go out and buy a cheap and crap 4/5m margin pole for around £20 but for people that spend there money on poles such as 13m and up you wont get one for free people may be willing to give a way some hooks and whatever but not pole !!!


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      ok mate .. How much money would it be for a decent pole then ?


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        decent pole around 300 mate


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          depends on peoples definition of decent.

          you can get a perfectly 'good' pole for £40, if you dont mind having something old.
          ive got a preston lerc, 11mtrs which cost me 40 quid. it handles and lands fish just lovely!
          for lighter work i have an even older dam exquisite 12.5m, £40 again with 2 top kits. light and stiff upto 10 mtrs and plenty good enough for my local canal.

          i can assure you that technology has not moved on the same as the mags and tackle tarts would have you believe. a lot of the older gear is as good or better than most things made today because things were made upto a standard rather than down to a price!

          this of course is only my opinion

          thats not to say your gonna get one free of charge mate, but its not as bad as you think.
          north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D


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            keep an eye on the tackle for sale a 16m preston pole with a few topkits went for 80 quid a few days the longest you can afford as with a few sections off say 11 metre it will usually be much better than a pole that sells at 11metre.pretty sure you wont have to pay over 150 quid for a good secondhand one


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              is the dam pole for sale mate


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                I paid £20 for a 13 meter Team England Pole from a mate at moorlands
                Thought i would use it during winter months with light elastics on the silver matches !!
                When i got it home took the no1 sections out & realised that this is one of the most
                powerful poles i have picked up for years
                Wall Thickness (you could drive over it ) its relatively stiff @ full 13 mtrs & its fairly light
                It is well up to Commercial Fishing with any elastic you may want to put through it
                You will not break it !!!
                WHY OH WHY are we paying thousands for poles to do this ????


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                  I also paid 20 for an old Milo Alter pole from a car boot a couple of years ago. had 2 tops with it. Brilliant pole. use it for silvers.
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                    Shakespeare poles and accessories carp and match fishing poles have a look here at the margin poles
                    very cheap with 2 tips
                    well worth the money for canals
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                      stick to rod and line on the canal poles only get in the way of joggers dogers hikers mountain men etc etc


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                        hi m8 i have a great milo seatbox for u and it only £100


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                          sorry you get wot u pay for ---unless u drop lucky pal
                          work is for people who cant fish---i want a job