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New section - Give away your unwanted tackle

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  • New section - Give away your unwanted tackle

    Hi guys and girls,

    This section of the forum is designed to help juniors get into angling and get them some tackle to help them out.

    If you have any tackle you would be prepared to give away to a junior angler then please list it in this section - we all have bits and pieces lying around in the garage basically taking up space, so why not give it to a junior who can make use of it and get them out fishing.

    I havent quite deceided on the exact rules on how juniors get their hands on the tackle advertised in this section just yet.... so suggestions are welcome, here are my initial thoughts -

    Juniors age 15 or under qualify to request the advertised items. All they would have to pay is the agreed postage to get it sent to them. To prove they are a Junior they must submit a photo of themselves and give a small description of their fishing explloits to date and the waters in their local area they intend to fish.... As I say this is a "work in progress" and any more suggestions to make this section and the rules for getting the free tackle better will be taken on board.

    So guys anyone with old unwanted tackle please advertise it in here and support your sport and junior anglers.
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
    web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital

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    I have a Preston Seatbox -- cant remember the exact name, something like X5? its in goodish nick about 12months old, also a matchbox seatbox also well usable and an an originl AI or was it A1 also in decent nick, dont fancy having to box up and post but they are free to whoever wants them. Let me know.




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      Hi Daves welcome to the site and thanks for your offers, whats your location so that anyone in your locality can take up the offer.


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        whats your 20 breaker....lmao that took me back a few years.... brian Neil jackson was on about starting something for the kids but not sure what he may be a worthy cause or colin currethers at springpools by ashby he also does loads for the kids
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          I have a pretty well complete set of boat rods and reels, which I have offered for collection in the "Tackle for Sale" section of these fora.

          The selection is just the job for a youngster. Cost? post only!

          .................................................. ...........................

          "Over the years I have put together a pile of boat rods, mainly self made,which have to go, due to the fact that Maw wont let me go out on the water any more........ill health, you see.........

          So! I have the following, which would suit a youngster, who would other wise not be able to afford adequate fishing kit:

          12-20lb Conoflex blank........ home build
          30 lb Old old hollow glass blank (possibly early Mustad) ........ homebuild, v. sensitive.
          30-60lb Short Abu......... v. good in DEEP water........ word well with braid.
          50lb+ Conoflex blank......... v. strong wrecker........ home build

          Several H.D. multipliers.

          The only cost will be post and packing. Will require some form of validation of youthfulness, need and justification........... South of England, Solent area, probably most convenient.

          In other words, the best sob story gets it all!"
          .................................................. ..................................................
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            I have a Browning Syntec 10.5m pole that anyone could have. Its an old pole with a 1inch split in the butt section which can easily be rectified. It has no spare kits etc but would be ok for a begginners first pole for use on canals or small commercials with F1's and smaller fish etc. The pole is very this and light at full length. Based in Wigan if anyone wants to collect.


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              Dave, do you still have the seat box i dount you have as i think it was a long time ago, but worth an inquire?



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                What a fantastic idea. I may well have a few bits and bobs in the next few weeks when I've finally sorted out the pile of kit I never use...

                Anu decisions on the format yet?
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                  im in need of a new seat box, mine is an OLD STEEL frame with a cloth cover, that mice just LOVE to chew through!
                  where are you based daves?


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                    hi im intrested

                    hi i would have the pole but could you have it delivered to me but i iwll pay you to do so?


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                      hi i would be intrested but could you deliver the pole and i will give you the money to cover the cost.


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                        pike gear

                        if anyone is getting rid or does not want any pike gear then please tell me


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                          The Boat kit has found a new home, with a 13 year old.


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                            Well done Nick! That was Oneabungs intention I'm sure! Another youngster snared!!!
                            John - Kingfisher
                            Talk Angling Senior Member
                            Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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                              Yes the intension of this section is to get youngsters who cant afford new tackle some free tackle from anglers who just have odd bits and bobs lying around in the garage!

                              So come on guys anyone else got anything they would like to donate to a junior.
                              Simon Young
                              Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                              web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital