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middy xk 55

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  • middy xk 55

    right, according to my (not calibrated i might add!) digital scales, the 13m pole itself with a world pro kit with no1 removed and a drennan slick bush (no elastic) inserted weighs 875g (supposed to be 815g)

    without bushes or no.1s if fitted
    world pro kit weighs - 33.9g
    match 2 kit (match 3 with 1 removed) weighs - 39.9g
    karp 2 kit weighs - 41.3g
    cupping/extra power kit weighs 46g

    14.5m section weighs 297.5g (1172.5g total)
    16m section weighs 330.3g (1502.5g total)

    long four weighs 40.0g
    short four weighs 34.3g

    the pole defo feels heavier and less balanced than my veriton, although it is no doubt stiffer, its also slightly shorter than the veriton with all sections in and a match kit with no.1 removed

    pics of comparison side by side with a tourny pro to follow, both held in the exact same manner and at the exact same lengths too, ill also do the same with the veriton aswell for comparison (suspect therell be very little in it tho!)

    will also get my local post office to weigh the pole as there scales are calibrated to 0.1g and very expensive compared to my 6 pound set off ebay i use for mixing resin on

    one awesome thing that is worth a mention, if you remove the end caps from the 13m pole and place it in the 16m section, you can then store the pole bar 14.5m section in one tube, now take your xt15 and remove its end caps, now you can pack the margin pole into the 14.5m section, genius, margin pole and 16m pole in two tubes, i can confirm the pole is not 13m with parallel extensions, the 13m pole wont fit in the 14.5m section, and 13, 14.5 and 16m sections all step up a fraction ecach time

    the short four fits into the pole tucked into the long four aswell, i then put the cupping kit inside it

    as for the kits, they are slim, not quite as slim as tourny pro kits, but slimmer than garbo kits and defo smaller than a tricast kit at the base of the no.3 section, therefore i can get six kits into one rod tube, and save on storage lots, pole plus margin pole and twelve top kits in four rod tubes

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    did you manage to upload picture


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      Dose this have the power of my trilogy for puttingthe stoppers on


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        What it does have is stiffness unlike the trilogy