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The Story so far

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  • The Story so far

    To begin our story -

    John thought it was a nice day to go fishing so he.... made a flask of tea, after sorting out my tackle and loaded up the car, and then found his maggots had escaped into the fridge one by one i picked them up, to the laughter of he’s two sons Jim and Mike.
    Having got in the car it would not start his battery was flat,
    so he woke the neighbours up for a jump start, never mind have to try to sell the motor on TA. With no takers on TA it’s off to Ebay, to which i get a bid of 10p for it and because I forgot to put a reserve on it
    Someone got a "bargain" they had not expected. But suddenly an angry looking man was knocking at my door,
    He was dressed as big bird off sesame St!
    I opened the door in my pyjamas, "Funny place to have a door "" he said. and why are you going fishing in your pyjamas?.
    I always fish in my pyjamas i am from Birmingham he said and we both
    Jumped into his van and sped towards the venue for today which was. Froze solid,
    But luckily he had his ASi seat box with him to use as an icebreakers which broke the chain when he threw it in.
    A Carp at the other end of the lake said "what’s that big overweight ugly thing doing
    sitting on the ice .
    When there was a loud cracking sound.
    It was my Teeth chattering, so I pulled the cord from my Pyjamas and cast it towards the far bank were that big fat Carp was taking the P**S.
    it said look at that little maggot, It always looks like a maggot when its cold.

    Then a big pair of succulent lips appeared above the surface of the water
    Who said anything about fishing!!
    So as the big protruding lips caressed my little juicy maggot, I felt a tug on my pyjama cord, all my thoughts of a flat battery had disappeared. Was it Mick Jagger scoober diving?
    And totally missed the bait as it was so small!
    So out came my mate’s big lobworm or at least HE said it was big
    He watched the big juicy lobber sinking, then felt an almighty tug
    it was his pet dog which had jumped in.
    Who ever said that Rick Stein had turned up, the rod was bent double - it was then he realised he hadn’t set up a landing net,
    So off came the string vest
    By now the paparazzi had arrived to take photos , Angling Times headlines were?

    ST-RINGER Bags a bigun on the LOB to take the T/A title.

    copyright of this book belongs to Talk Angling Forum.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>