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  • Fosters

    An Australian guy is travelling around the Greek Islands.
    > >>
    > >>He walks into a bar and, by chance, is served by an Australian barmaid. As
    > >>she takes his order, a Foster's, she notices his accent. Over the course
    > >>of
    > >>the evening they get chatting. At the end of her shift he asks if she
    > >>wants
    > >>to come back to his place. Although she is attracted to him she says no.
    > >>He
    > >>then offers to pay her $200 to sleep with him. As she is travelling around
    > >>the world, and is short of funds, she agrees.
    > >>
    > >>The next night the guy turns up again. Again he orders Fosters and after
    > >>showing her plenty of attention, asks if she will sleep with him again for
    > >>$200. She remembers the night before and is only too happy to agree.
    > >>
    > >>This goes on for 5 nights. On the 6th night the guy comes in again, orders
    > >>Fosters but goes and sits in the corner. The barmaid thinks that if she
    > >>pays
    > >>him more attention then, maybe she can shake some more cash out of him. So
    > >>she goes over and sits next to him. She asks him where he's from in
    > >>Australia.
    > >>
    > >>"Melbourne", he tells her.
    > >>
    > >>"So am I. What suburb?" she enquires.
    > >>
    > >>"Glen Iris" he replies.
    > >>
    > >>"That's amazing," she says excitedly, "so am I - what street?"
    > >>
    > >>"Cameo Street" he replies.
    > >>
    > >> "This is unbelievable........" she says, her voice quavering; "What
    > >>number?"
    > >>
    > >>"Number 20", he replies. She is totally astonished.
    > >>
    > >>"You are NOT going to believe this," she screams, "but I'm from number 22!
    > >>My parents still live there!"
    > >>
    > >>"I know..." he says, "Your Dad gave me $1,000 to give to you"
    > >>
    > >