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The Balloon Family

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  • The Balloon Family

    Every morning when Mummy and Daddy balloon wake up, baby balloon has sneaked in between them during the night.

    Daddy is really getting pi**ed off with this. He tells baby to pack it in, "he's a big balloon now and balloons his age don't sleep with their parents anymore."
    Next morning he's in bed with them again.

    Mummy has a brain wave, she says to Daddy "we'll snuggle up close all night so he can't squeeze in the middle of us."

    Baby wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to squeeze in, no chance.
    Then he has an idea , he slackens his Mums knot off for a second and does the same to Dad. Tries again, still no good. So he slackens his own knot off for a second. Tries again and hey presto straight in the middle.

    When Mummy and Daddy wake up in the morning, Daddy is really pi**ed, he turns to baby and says

    " Not only have you let me and your Mum down but you've let yourself down too."
    It was Terry Mooney who always told me to never lie and tell the truth about how much I've caught and what on.

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