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the vatican

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  • the vatican

    Paddy pays a visit to the Vatican to see the Pope, the guards wont let him in, but Paddy persists, day after day, so in the end they drag him inside and explain to him that the Pope was dead, "gosh" said Paddy," there was nothing on the news about it", "you must promise not to tell anybody for 5 days" said the guards, we shall release the news to the world on Saturday" "ok i promise" so Paddy got to thinking that he could make some money out of this, so when he got back to Dublin he went to the betting shop to place a bet on the Pope dying on Saturday, he got odds at a thousand two one, he places a 10,000 euro bet, on leaving the betting shop he sees a friend of his approaching him,"hello Murphy how are you these days" he asks,"not to good as it is" was the reply, "my wife has left me, no home, and im in a lot of debt too" Murphy go into that betting shop and put £1.000 euros on the pope dying on Saturday its a sure thing" "i will lend you the money, you can pay me back from your winnings", so off Murphy goes to place his bet. Saturday arrives and the world knows the Pope is dead, Paddy goes to collect his huge winnings, he meets Murphy outside the betting shop , "you going in to get your winnings too" Paddy asks, "no i lost the bet" "c-h-r-i-s-t how did you manage that it was a sure thing" "well i did a double on the ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY dying too",