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Carp vader joke of the month

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  • Carp vader joke of the month

    A bloke goes into a bar, bartender says, "Can I get you a drink sir?". The guy says, "I'd like a shot of your finest fifteen year old, single malt whisky".
    The bartender turns his back and thinks, 'This guy will not know the difference, so he pours him a cheap blended scotch, thinking he'll pocket the change.The guy takes a chug and immediately spits it out. "Bartender, this is a rubbish drink, less than one year old". The bartender apologises and secretly pours him another brand. The guy takes a chug and immediately spits it out again. "Bartender, this is nicer but it's only ten years old". Impressed the bar tender pours the guy a finest fifteen year old single malt. The guy is savouring it lovingly when he approached by a drunk offering a glass. "You seem to know a lot, try this". "Bloody hell this tastes like ". "I know it is, tell me how old I am"
    Regards Billy Boy :)

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