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Wood in a pool

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  • Wood in a pool

    I had to deliver some fish once to a pool near Stafford, when I worked at the college where I studied. The pool was hidden away down some country lanes and I hadn't a clue where to go, so the guy who ran the angling club came to the college then accompanied me to the pool to show me the way.

    As we travelled he told me the history of the angling club and how they aquired the pool and worked on it to clear the banks etc. He also told me of some trouble they had with youths fishng it without joining the club.

    As we got closer to our destination he said ' trouble is, there's a hell of a lot of wood in the pool'.

    In the split second between that and the next statement he made, I pondered on why there was so much wood in the pool. Had trees toppled into the water in recent storms? Had they used pallets for pegs and they'd collapsed through bad workmanship? Had the youths he had mentioned thrown loads of planks or branches into he water in spite for being thrown off?

    Then he said ...' and woach' !!!

    Don't know how I kept my face straight.

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    lol phill,i dont know how you kept ya face straight either..


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      Just reading through my past threads and found this, still makes me giggle


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        The old ones are the best!
        To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.


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          u will find this is a true story blueser..phil told me about it himself...................


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            There used to be a guy who fished at sutton park,everytime he showed up one of us would ask what he was after,the answer was always the same but we like to hear him say .... im after the bweem,naughty i know but we couldnt resist.
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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              You must have had a scweam mate, lmao



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                ooooh I love the way you roll your rrrrr's


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                  Great tale,ff-Good job he didn't work for rank really! That would be tewwible! ;-)
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                  Alwight tweacle?