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Blond kidnapper

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  • Blond kidnapper

    A blonde woman was having financial troubles so she decided to kidnap a
    child and demand a ransom.
    She went to a local park, grabbed a little boy, took him behind a tree
    and wrote a note.
    "I have kidnapped your child. I am sorry to do this but I need the
    money. Leave £10,000 in a plain brown bag behind the big oak tree in the
    park at 7AM."
    Signed, "The Blonde."
    She pinned the note inside the little boy's jacket and told him to go
    straight home.
    The next morning, she returned to the park to find the £10,000 in a
    brown bag behind the big oak tree, just as she had instructed.
    Inside the bag with the cash was the following note. "Here is your
    money. I cannot believe that one blonde would do this to another."
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>