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Gorilla Catcher ?

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  • Gorilla Catcher ?

    Man wakes up too noises in is back garden..Looks out the window and in a tree at the bottom of his garden is a great big gorilla trashing about..

    Bloody help picks up the yellow page sees ..Gorilla catcher..24/7..
    rings him up..tells him about much to get rid £30 he says..That a bit cheap for a dangerous job like that ...Hope i are not paying for traps and cages extra`s..Nothing else sir just £30 see you 10 mins...

    Guy arrives ..right sir i will explain what i are going to do...At that he gives him a gun.....I`m going to climb so far up the tree and shake it like hell....When the gorilla falls out the tree my Jack russell ..gets stuck up it...Then i throw a net over it and it`s caught.....Man says well watch the gun for?..If i fall out of the tree shoot the ....BLOODY DOG..

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    7 important men in a womens life

    From : ron mason <[email protected]>
    Sent : 02 April 2007 09:59:44
    To : [email protected]
    Subject : 7

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    1..The Doctor,who tell's her to take off her clothes off.

    2.The Dentist,who tell's her to open wide.

    3.The Milkman,who ask's her do you want it in the front or the back.

    4.The Hairdresser,who ask's her do you want it teased or blown.

    5.The Interior Designer,who assures her once it's in she will love it.

    6.The Banker,who insist's to her if you take it out too soon you lose intrest.

    7.The Primal Hunter,who alway's goes deep into the bush,alway's shoot's twice ,eat's what he shoot's,but keep's telling her keep quiet lie still.
    Sat by the pool
    binding my time
    when the fish start feeding
    i'll be fine