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  • farmers

    two young brothers who are farmers were surprised when a woman called at their farm one evening asking for help as her car had broken down, they suggested that she should spend the night at the farm and sort out her car in the morning, she agreed, she felt a bit randy, so she made a play for one of them, now he not being a man of the world was a bit unsure what to do about it, "dont worry" she said "follow my lead, firstly we take our clothes off and get on the bed naked, what you do then is get on top of me and put your stiff dick in the hole between my legs, but before you do you must put a condom on," " whats will that do" he asks in ignorance, " it stops me getting pregnant ie having a baby" she replied, several days later he got to talking about his experience with the woman, the brother asked him if he enjoyed himself, "i did yes, but she made me wear a condom to stop her getting pregnant,but do you think i can take it off now as AS IM DYING FOR A ,