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yellow 181

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  • yellow 181

    bloke goes to doctors after feeling ill on returning from a jungle holiday.
    after examination the doc tells the man he has a rare but fatal disease known as yellow 181. how long have i got he asks. about a week he is told. christ i had better tell the wife. he tells his mrs he has got yellow 181 ,there is no cure and he only has a week left to live. after the obvious tears the wife asks him what he wants to do with his last days. i am going to enjoy them he replies, starting with a big night of bingo tonight, i have never played so lets have a go before its too late. call it beginners luck but the poor bloke wins every line and every house on the night. the compare is that shocked that he calls the man up on stage at the end to congratulate him. the compare tells him you must be the luckiest man in the world. lucky he said, i've got yellow 181. bloody hell said the compare youve only won the bloody raffle as well!