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lottery ticket

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  • lottery ticket

    a jewish man goes into his local synagogue one saturday morning and kneels before the alter. ' help me god business is looking bad , the wife is threatening to leave and i may have to go to jail for tax evasion help me win the lottery' he leaves and that night he doesnt win the lottery. the following saturday he is back in the synagogue. ' help me god my business has gone bust , the wife has left me and the police are looking for me . help me win the lottery ' he leaves and that night he fails to win again. the following saturday he returns to the synagogue butt knaked, falls to his knees in front of the alter crying. 'god god please help me i have nothing i am starving . i have got no clothes and i am homeless. help me win the lottery' there is a big puff of smoke and god appears behind the alter. ' Izzy...Izzy meet me half a ticket' !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the carrot bites back:D
    ooh you are awful!!