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  • Edith

    Edith was 93 years old, never been interested in having children, never been interested in men and thus had never been married.
    Her one passion was being the organist at the local parish church - this she had been doing since she was 18! Wow!! that's 75 YEARS!!
    She had become the Matriarch in the Church and knew everything that was going on.

    One day a new curate arrived at the Church and was duly told to go and introduce himself to Edith. This he did and was invited in for tea and cake.

    While waiting for Edith to brew the tea, he walked around the lounge and his eye was taken to a magnificent old Hammond organ in the corner of the room. A bit of closer examination showed that there was a cut glass bowl, full of water, on top of it and there, floating on the water was a CONDOM!!!

    This blew his mind, but he decided that that was her business and sat down for his cup of tea.

    Curiosity got the better of him and he asked about the condom. She replied
    " Young man, I went for a walk in the park earlier in the year, and found it, in a box, on the grass. The instructions said - place on organ, keep lubricated and it will help prevent disease!!!!......................................D o you know, I haven't had a cold all year!!!!"