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  • Welding

    A chap was on his drive welding a new sill on his car, his young boy came out of the house & as you'd expect from a 5yr old started asking questions.

    What ya doing dad ?

    so dad turned off the torch & explained I'm welding son.

    what ya doin that for ?

    because to drive my car on the road it needs an mot certificate & without me welding this it can't have one

    can I have a go dad ?

    no son it's dangerous & it's work & little boys shouldn't work they should just play games so go & play

    right dad says the boy

    dad then got his sparker lit the torch & carried on welding, after a short time his wife called him in for a sandwich so he turned off his torch & had his break, his son thought he'd try his hand at welding so he put on his dads welding mask got the sparker & lit the torch then proceeded to burn holes in the wing of his dads car, after a couple of holes a chap walking past sees what the boy is doing & engages him in conversation

    hello little boy

    the boy lifts his mask & says hello mister then drops the mask & carried on burning holes

    tell me little boy do you know anything about masturbation

    The boy lifts the mask & says no & carries on with his burning project

    then do you know anything about flagellation

    the boy loses his temper lifts his mask & yells at the pervert listen mister I'm not a proper welder you know.
    I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
    He says he gives me good advice. does he ?