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    A man took his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth. The doctor told them that he'd developed a new machine and asked if they'd like to try it. The machine would take some of the woman's pain away and give it to the father thereby easing the mothers burden.

    The couple thought it was a good idea and agreed to give it a try. The Doc set it on 10% to begin with, telling the man that 10% was still probably more pain than he had ever felt. The man was surprised at how little pain he was feeling and asked for it to be increased. The doctor turned it up to 20% with the same results. This trend continued until the machine was set at 100%.

    After the delivery both mother and father felt fine. The wife was relieved at having an almost painless labour and the father was still amazed at how little pain was actually involved. Later, when they took the baby home, they found the milkman dead on their doorstep.
    The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others

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    The old uns are still the best


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      Pmsl :d:d:d