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A series of unfortunate events

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  • A series of unfortunate events

    Me and the fathe-in-law decided to go to a local pond (polly's in abram, wigan) for a couple of hours fishing in the evening.

    All was going well set up the rig fed in first chuck had a nice tench. This continued fish a chuck. Roach and tench.

    Then the float shot under and it was of. I was into one of the big lumps 2lb line and a 20's hook something was about to give.

    Mr Fish spat out the hook which then got stuck on something on the bottom. Out of frustration i yanked it, which in turn catapulted my float, hook, connector and elastic into a near by tree. Out of frustration i yanked it which snapped the elastic but managed to get it before it wen't inside the pole. So as i was only going for a few hours I did'nt have another top section with me, the only option being climbing said tree and reteaving said pole connector. Managed to do that with cunning use of my landing net got out the tree, put e feet on the floor broke slipped and nearly broke me tail bone.

    This had to be the most frustrating and unusual series of events ever.

    But to finish of with an happy ending i carried on catching once i'd attached the connector.