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joe an john

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  • joe an john

    joe an john are twin brothers who live in the same town. joe owns a dilapidated old boat which sank the same day that johns wife died. a few weeks later a kindly old lady saw joe and mistook him for john."im sorry about your loss" she said. "thank you but im sort of glad to be rid of her, she was a rotten old thing anyway. her bottom was all shriveled an she smelt of dead fish, she had a crack in the back an a pretty big one in the front too. she was bulging out everywhere in her old age. everytime i used her she leaked an dribbled an her old hole got bigger. i think what finally finished her off was when i rented her out to 4 lads lookin for a good time. the fools tried to get in her all at once and she split right up the middle!!!"

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