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Loads to do! Are you keeping busy?

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  • Loads to do! Are you keeping busy?

    Hi all
    hope you're all well and keeping safe in these difficult times.
    so now we have to stay in for at least 3 weeks- probably more-what are you going to be doing to keep busy?
    its important to keep your mind as busy as possible as well as your body- by going for walks,riding a bike etc
    No excuse for dirty tackle now eh?
    what fishing jobs have you been putting off for a while?
    I've got a load of new pole elastic to put in my top kits-and there's no better time to do it I guess
    also tying up fresh pole rigs will help kill some time.
    And just generally cleaning up my gear for when we can get out on the banks again,
    what are you planning? Not just fishing wise but in general
    any diy jobs you need to catch up with?
    I look forward to seeing what you're planning/doing
    please take care and stay safe- and thanks to the emergency services and key workers that are doing a grand job to keep us safe and well.

    Team south- 2014 talk angling inter regional team champs
    Alwight tweacle?

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    Currently starting the spring cleaning of the kitchen, where does all the dust and grime come from, found out we got lots of hand wash stuff, scourers, hiding in the cupboard under the sink, best cross them off shopping list. Next its on to the spare bedroom full of tools from my bathroom refurb, once emptied its on to the tackle see what I can sort for my lad, hes got the bug, looks like when this lot is over I might be having the odd outing with him. In between best sort my greenhhouses out, ready to grow a few tomatoes and fuchsias. looks like my 12 week lockdown is going to be filled. As Paul said hope eveyone keeps safe, and free of this virus.


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      Unfortunately we are still working. Not really essential work as we make Aircraft engine parts. Option is to self confine to barracks and get about ninety quid a week SSP. Trying to keep our distances and keep as safe as possible in a manufacturing environment. Far from ideal.


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        if your job is not essential .Your company have no option but too close .
        Its only their HR department that are telling you ,that you will only get SSP
        They have to Close ( No Choice ) you will be paid 80% of your wage
        My wife's employer told them the same as did another local firm .
        Report em its stupid irresponsible & Illegal to stay open
        The country is locked down .Firms that refuse to close are putting people's lives @ risk
        The Owners should be arrested I M O



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          Latest today is our MD says Gov want large companies and their suppliers to stay open to support the economy. Our main customer is Rolls Royce, Not happy and SSP is still being noted as our option.


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            Still working as outlined above

            we all need to do our bit in any industry I take solace that if only minor we contribution will help one person then it’s worth it #pulltogether
            " if a dogs born in a stable, does it make it a horse? Aye up ducky!!