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Fancy a chat Chat Room Reopened

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  • Fancy a chat Chat Room Reopened

    Fancy a chat if so click on this link, let it load up then type in a name and press CHAT - A Chat

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    Not workin for me brian


    • #3
      i just went in they had a blistering chat with myself
      sensas /total angling


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        it was good last time it was on just need a certain time where people go on so everyone can talk
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        • #5
          I can get the feature added to the site if there is enough interest.
          Simon Young
          Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
          web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


          • #6
            been in a few times not caught any one yet........or are they leaving when i get starting to get a complex
            In darkness we do what we can
            In daylight we're oblivion


            • #7
              Pete I think its best we set a night and see if we get a few in, how about Friday night at 8pm



              • #8
                sounds good to me Brian.....ill be there
                In darkness we do what we can
                In daylight we're oblivion


                • #9
                  chat room at 8 on a friday

                  why open the chat room at 8 on a friday,dont most people go out on the lash on friday nights.where i live friday is called lads night.saturday would be best as i would imagine not a lot of anglers would be on the lash bacause they have a match on the sunday.
                  just a suggestion.