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Man Flu

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  • Man Flu

    I'm suffering from a severe bout of 'man flu' at the moment. I've tried all the usual remedies, Brandy, Whiskey, off the shelf medicines etc, but to no avail.

    I was wondering if there are any 'kill or cure' Fishermans Cures you may know of for this debilitatng disease.

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    nowt to do with that cold beer you had on friday night was it!!!!!!!!!!


    • #3
      Darran my recipe for man flu is home made onion soup, the recipe is simple 3lb onions sliced thinly, lightly fried add these to a stock made out of bovril cubes and two tea spoons of marmite, simmer for around half an hour, and serve well seasoned with black pepper, after several servings you will start to feel better, but even your best friends will ignore you.


      • #4
        can't imagine the smell after all that Brian dose that mean his missus has to leave till he is better lol


        • #5
          Its that good Brian that I make a gallon at a time, good job the wife likes it as well


          • #6
            Tried the Onion method, just gave me gas and ear ache from her in doors

            Might give the goose grease and mustard rub a go


            • #7
              Heard that Ellimans rubbing oil for horses can do the trick, whiffs a bit


              • #8
                If there really was a cure somebody would be making millions
                Just get on with it & under no circumstances admit any weakness to the missus