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Worst experience at the dentist

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  • Worst experience at the dentist

    I ask this question as Gordon Brown apparently had a root canal yesterday without any injections (to prove how hard he is) but stated it was because he had to do a speech later that day!

    Come on then guys and girls - who has had the worst experience or most pain at the dentist?
    Simon Young
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    Dentists are a thing of the past round here. Not a hope of finding an NHS dentist. Grrrrrr !


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      The biggest pain is in the wallet these days.


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        The school dentist who drilled a tooth without anaesthetic and slapped me across the face when I moved! I had the last (only) laugh the filling fell out when I was rinsing my mouth!!
        John - Kingfisher
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          Went to the dentist on monday for the first time in 3 years. Check up was fine so he said he was going to clean my teeth as there was a bit of a tartar build up. Anyway the dozy assistant wasnt paying attention with the suction tube so my mouth filled up with blood, water and bits of tartar and I had to jump up from the chair and spit it out in the sink before I choked.

          To make matters even worse the wife was in the room as she had her check up just before me and she almost wet herself laughing so much.


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            i had my wisdom teeth taken out both on the same day aswell as a filling talk about pain when the anaesthetic wears off and trying to talk when your whole mouth is numb.