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100 days till the smoking ban..

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  • 100 days till the smoking ban..

    With 100 days until the ban on smoking in public places what does everyone think?

    And if you are a smoker do you want to give up and do you see this as an opportunity to spurr you on to do it?
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  • #2
    You lot in England have got longer to go than us in Wales!

    2nd April the smoking in enclosed public places ban comes into force in Wales. 10 days to go.

    I dont smoke myself so it doesnt directly affect me. I dont mind people smokeing near me. I either waft the smoke away or move back myself, some peoples reaction is they move away, appologise or both.

    I think its amazing i dont smoke seeing as Dad smokes more than anyone i know and im always with him! Mum smokes too but no where near as much.

    Those that smoke and dont want to give up will carry on smoking, its their choice, if they get fined for smokeing in public place then so be it. If people want to give up then good luck to them for doing it and trying.
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      I'm going to have a go at packing it in There'll probably be a bankside ban coming in soon enough anyhow


      • #4
        See in the Sun this morning some organization going to oppose it, against our freedom rights


        • #5
          smoking in public i think this only means enclosed not open air anglers are exempt i hope


          • #6
            im starting this sunday strange really i smoke at work but when i get home it dont bother me dont have one at all strange so i thought i might as well stop


            • #7
              It will help pay for that pole!
              John - Kingfisher
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              • #8
                I packed up smoking nearly 5 years ago, and i'm so glad i did, everytime i see Gordon Brown slap another couple of bob on the price my face lights up having said that, i still think banning smoking in pubs is wrong, and a lot of small pubs and clubs are gonna suffer, not in the summer because smokers will sit out in the pubs yard or garden, but they won't want to do that in the winter.


                • #9
                  Smoke ban is the best news possible for all non smoker's who object to second hand smoke and more importantly worker's in the public service industry's (pubs,clubs/betting industry) who are forced to breathe secondhand smoke every working day and risk literally dying to provide a wage.


                  • #10
                    48% have already lost there jobs in scotland over the smoking ban and our local brewer is getting rid of all its local traditional pubs because of it, the way things are going, you wont have pub to have a drink in.Yes I am a smoker and do like a pint