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  • support our forces

    Hi Guys & Dolls
    Can everyone send this on to other organisations

    Just received this email, please sign the "Save BFPO petition"
    Also, there's another petition "Brown must go" have a vote on that one as well if you think he should go back over the border.

    I have just received the message below, I did not know that the Government was planning to remove the BFPO system which we all found so invaluable while we were serving. The letter below explains many aspects of the BFPO system's value that I did not know. I am sure you will agree with me this petition is important, and I hope you will not only sign it and send it on to any friends who might also support it.
    Perhaps the Mods Might make this a stickie for week

    Petition to: reconsider the decision to remove British Forces Post Offices from mainland europe. |

    Please sign the above petition. Though we all understand that defence cuts are to be
    made, this is an area which affects the families in particular. The BFPO system is the
    mechanism whereby post is received by our serving soldiers and their families abroad at a postal address recognised as being part of this country, no matter where in the world they are serving, even in war zones. Amongst other things this disenfranchises them if they are postal voters; some credit card providers will not send cards abroad (M&S for example) whereas they will to a BFPO address; it may affect their ability to let their house whilst posted abroad, or away from home; it may take away their tax advantages such as being able to have an ISA whilst posted abroad. It will affect Open University students who have a BFPO address as they will be charged higher fees; it will potentially effect children of serving soldiers when they go to University, as they may not be eligible for student loans/fees to be paid, and will be charged higher fees as they live abroad. They will also be charged different rates for subscriptions etc as they will now have to come via local mail, and not the UK mail

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    I was fishing last week and out of all the anglers I was the only one wearing an " Help for Hero's" wrist band, money must be tight after buying the latest pole.
    The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others


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      Source needed.

      I can't find any news article or press release relating to this at all.

      In fact all I can find are links to the petition against it.

      If it is true, then I am with everyone else in standing up for our boys (and girls) abroad.

      But if it isn't true, then it is a very clever 'chain letter' type spam.

      Can anyone cite a source for this?
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        Signed last week.


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          So did I, couldn't find the one about " Brown must go " though
          The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others


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            he is a link to Sky news about how they are trying to take our forces mail service away



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                signed, the least we can do lads


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