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Paypal problems..

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  • Paypal problems..

    Anyone else having a problem with paypalat the mo...

    Im struggling to pay direct at the mo..

    Im putting email addys in and it throwing them back at me suggesting there not wrote correctly..???

    Tiss the last 3 or 4 now..??

    Im having to resort to them sending me a money request..??

    Anyone have any suggestions.
    Effort = Reward.

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    hi mate

    i found that it happened if i tried to copy and paste the e-mail address every time

    i now manually type it in and it seems to work ok

    hope this helps



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      They have removed the copy and paste facility you can still c and p but it adds a space at the beginning its another attempt at fraud protection

      type it manually and it will work
      [CENTER][URL=""]Life at the bottom A noobs guide (My Blog, Paul Law)[/URL][/CENTER]
      [CENTER] [/CENTER]
      [CENTER][B][U]Carlsburg Disgorgers[/U][/B][/CENTER]
      [CENTER] [/CENTER]
      [CENTER]Carlsburg don't make disgorgers but if the did they would be the best Disgorgers in the World.[/CENTER]
      [CENTER] [/CENTER]
      [CENTER] [/CENTER]