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HELP, HELP, HELP, Experienced Tilers

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  • HELP, HELP, HELP, Experienced Tilers

    Have just spent a lot of money on a new kitchen, this included the whole of the kitchen walls to be tiled, the tiles are semi glazed and are of limestone, the problem I have is that the black tiles have a white what seems like a white powder over them and every time I clean them it keeps coming back. Having spoke to the person who done the work for me he said it was grout and it would dissapear after they had been cleaned a few times.
    The tiling was done two weeks ago.

    What I would like to know is his information correct.

    I have had him back a few times since and he keeps says the same thing .

    Thanks For Any Help

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    Sounds like grout, when you clean them use a damp cloth and then buff them up with a clean dry one it should help. Usually it can take 3 weeks or more to get rid of the excess grout residue.


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      alrite pal.

      Yes he is correct, its the dry powder of the grout coming back out in the tiles..

      Plenty of sponging down (SOFTLY) with soapy water and eventually they will come good.

      Effort = Reward.


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        My husband is a tiler - I'll mention it to him and reply later


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          Firstly, where in the country do you live? If you are in the West Midlands my husband could come and see the tiles for you. If not, could you describe exactly what make the tiles are and he will advise further. If you want to send your phone number by private message, he can call you.


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            Thanks Lads, and Angela, I live in Manchester so it is a bit to far away, the tiles are semi glazed and I think I will clean them with soap and water for the next few weeks to see how I get on as Scorpio and Ian have suggested. Thanks again to all of you for replying to my problem, as always you know you can rely on this great site for information.
            And a special thanks to Angela for taking the trouble to answer my problem and asking her husband.



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              Ferryman - limestone tiles should have been sealed before grouting with a natural stone sealer before grouting. If a sealer was not used soap and water will not help. You need to go to a tile shop and get a cement film remover. Once the residue has gone, you need to seal the tiles with natural stone sealer. Hope this helps.


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                try cleaning one tile with a dry peice of kitchen roll mate,,!
                sometimes ,if there has been a lot of grout left in the 1st place,,using a wet cloth just moves the grout about although because its wet, at 1st it looks like your removing it!,
                like i say, just try one like this then check it against the rest,, you may have to rub hard as the grout will be set fairly stiff by know!
                also,, put on a marigold,, lick the finger, then smear it down a tile,, this should give you a good indication of how much grout is left on the tiles!
                if the worste comes to the worste , its probably the tiles which have been lightly scratched due to them being glazed and the grout being course!!!
                this can be buffed out too!
                i little like t-cutting a car,,,not to serious!

                im a plumber/ bathroom fitter my self and these are tricks and ideas i have picked up when tiling myself, with other tilers!
                hope it turns out ok mate!

                just a little set back by the sounds of it!
                :cool::cool:"LEAKY LLOYD",,,,"TURNING NO HOPERS INTO FLYERS"!:cool::cool::rolleyes::p


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                  you can get a grout residue cleaning solution which should remove this can get this from any good tile shop


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                    Cheers Leaky and Lukearmo and thanks again Angela.