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Breakfast chalenge

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  • Breakfast chalenge

    I have found a drivers cafe by me that does a mega breakfast for a fiver.3,sausages ,3 rashers of bacon,2 eggs ,hash browns ,black pudding, beans,mushrooms fried bread,toms," rounds of toast and a cup of tea or coffee plus you get a free refill of your chosen drink,I challenge anyone to find better.

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    does he give you a free lift to Aand E when you have your heart attack after eating all that s****?. LOL Regards OM


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      I havent eaten one i normally just have a regular brekky for £3.70 so i dont know if theres a free lift included in the price sorry .if you were thinking of having one youd have to ask the owner.


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        do they deliver to chesterfield

        plus a proper fishing brekkie should have chips
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          Where is this cafe then fishter?


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            Thats gonna take some beating, you cant get a couple of bacon baps for that 'Darn Sarf'!
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              we fished a match on the cov cut and went to the cherry trees club large breakie £2.80 with hot drink
              I want an end peg


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                it,s near where i work in deeside north east wales


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                  went in a cafe years ago with an old mate of mine who was a big chap shall we say.. the cafe did a massive breakfast like 8 rashers bacon 8 sausages and all the trimmings an if you eat it you got ya money back. so sat there the cafe owner brought out this monster for me mate with a wry smile on his face as if to say you got no chance... off he walked after placing this monster brekkie in front of him my mate called him back "hey mate ay there any bread an butter with this" cafe owner said "your jokin ay ya how many do ya want" unbelievably me mate said"13 slices please cos thats how many slices are in a loaf" to this day i havent ever seen anyone eat such a monster but the best thjing was when the cafe owner threw the money across the table to me mate in disgust and me mate shouting after him " do me 2 bacon an egg to take out please"


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                    There's no doubting it's good value but it all depends if it's edible, some I wouldn't waste my energy throwing them in the bin.
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