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Stolen Tackle?

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  • Stolen Tackle?

    Have you ever had your tackle stolen? If so where from and did they ever get caught?

    Last time it happened to me the little s cut a round hole in my garage roof and lifted out my rod bag and then went to the lengths of putting the piece they cut out back in the hole so I never saw the rods were missing till the weekend when I went to get them out!
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    I can honestly say i've never been through the upset of ever having any tackle stolen, and long may it continue.


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      it happened to me many years ago, they took every bit of tackle I owned, it was back in the days of the old close season and happened in the first week of the season, needless to say the hook wallets were crammed full of pre tied hooks, the float box was full of hand made floats, something like 400 floats went, things like bait waiters were not commercially available so had to be made, and with my first match not a week away I was more than a bit miffed, ok my mates rallied round and a trip to Horizon Tackle at Redditch to order some custom built rods got me partially sorted.
      As I made my way to my peg I looked like a novice rods tied together with string, a small home made seatbox/creel and the rest of my few bits and pieces in a carrier bag, I overheard another club angler point me out as a no hoper, after about 3 1/2 hours he was about right as two small dace were my only catch, but a change from feeder to a heavy bomb brought about an instant change with a couple of stretched maggots typical of bream, and with the end peg angler suddenly catching a skimmer the game was on a repositioning of the rod saw the swing tip, remember them? lift passed horizontal and the first of 5 bream was on along with a few small skimmers for 17lb and a clear match win.
      On their way back to the car park the other club asked what had won our match I quite enjoyed telling them it was the noddy who was never going to catch and that my weight would have won their match as well.
      No the police never caught any one trips dont supossed they even tried their only advice was to keep an eye out around the local park pools and second hand shops. They did leave my wellies perhaps they were the wrong size


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        Only just transferred to Brum. Car Park off Broad Street behind my new office.My old fishing basket (yes-basket!) rods etc. in my Hillman Avenger.The basket in the boot. The beggars had taken a wrench to the boot lock which protuded and turned the whole lock in its seating!!That basket was unique,had aluminium corners with a block, one on each corner.Didn't warp like earlier baskets.They didn't manage to get the rods!! The spare wheel had gone though.
        Subsequently spotted a couple of guys hanging about in the Car Park and rang the police. Turned out to be the old Bill themselves . I wasn't the only one who'd been robbed!! My colleague came back to find his sports car on bricks. They'd nicked the wheels!!
        John - Kingfisher
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          Yes, about seven years they broke into my garage through the up n over door and took the lot. Luckily I was insured.


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            scum got mine aswell,kept it in my garage in a pit boarded over and covered with a carpet.cant help but think there must have been a bit of inside information.had an old colmic float i used in my first national on the coronation channel,can remember i was brickin it and getting hammered,swapped to the colmic had a slab and some eels and ended 5th in section.had it 20 years,its things like that you cant replace....