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british troops

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  • british troops

    remembrance Sunday guys remeber the vecs of war today and show youre respect too our heros people of our british forces i sulut u and thank u for giveing us ure time and bravery god bless thoes who layed down there lives for us and total respect too the guys in afgan right know my heart goes out too you see u in 2010 ps.. guys remeber to right a little something just in respect

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    it certainly puts things into perspective on days like this, petty arguments,moaning about this and that etc.
    i for one am internally greatfull to all those who gave their lives in all conficts both past and present.Also to those who have sacrificed limbs, and to all those guys and gals still out there or have just returned. i salute you.
    god bless and thank you.

    my thoughts also to those who have lost love ones. god bless to you too.


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      I attended my local service with my wife and stood there thinking about serving soldiers past and present including my own tour in Iraq and the lads who i served many of whom have gone on to serve in 'Afghan'. Brave lads who deserve our utmost respect for the sacrifices they are making.


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        it certainly does put things into perspective......greatest respect to all sevicemen past and churchill said...never has so much been owed by so many to so few.....
        Saying that I really cringe everyday when I hear another one of our lads has been killed,and I ask myself,what are we really doing there......I still don"t know the answer,does anyone..GOD BLESS EM ALL.................


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          it really does i will be over there next year for sure this time i will train harder and longer last time i failed this time i wont too all thoes who wrote have a great day and thanks for remembering the ones who sacrificed life and limb for where we are today and the guys in afgan come home safe and see ure love ones we ow u with all that we have and for once shall stand proud as our lads come home from there duty and we shall stand there with pride and say there stands the best in the world british arm be the best


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            We will never forget those who have paid the ultimate price for the sake of others. God rest their souls


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              Heroes all of them past and present, if you have any spare cash for donations to a worth while cause try
              The Royal British Legion.
              God bless our brave troops.
              The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others


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                I will do my usual Wednesday at 11am and put an announcement over the PA system at work for all fellow employees to join me in a minutes silence and remembrance for those who gave their lives for this great country of ours.
                However I can't help but think (bear with me on this guys I don't wish to offend) how many of them would turn in their graves to see what society today has become and how this once great nation is starting to crumble and wilt with all the political correctness and goody two shoes that this shore holds.

                I work for local government and we are reminded in messages about allowing other religions to celebrate their certain days of the year. The one day we don't get a message is St, Georges day ? Why i ask myself. Because we don't want to be seen upsetting any other religious cult. What a load of political crap that is.

                ENGLISH and very proud.

                GOD BLESS all our armed forces in all corners of the world.

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                  What Rich said.
                  English and proud as hell.
                  On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


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                    my dad served in the army in aden
                    and wont talk about it which i respect
                    but i feel sorry for the unknown soldier
                    that never made it home from the front line
                    and dont have a grave with their names on it
                    we will never forget then god bless them all


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                      My son of 14 is in the ATC and marched in 2 rememberance Parades on sunday i was so proud of him.As i am am of all our brave lads who have fought and died in all wars.