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May Carp Vader Competion

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  • May Carp Vader Competion

    May - Carp Vader Prize Competition

    The theme for the May competition is for the best post under the topic of

    Whats your most Embarrassing or Funniest Moment in Angling

    So get posting on this thread to stand a chance of winning a selection of Carp Vader products their web site is on the link below.


    Have you voted for Aprils competition? The Funniest Joke Thread voting closes Tuesday at Midnight

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    You might aswell just give the prize straight to malc


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      It's the rest that get embarresed at my actions though Neil.
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        The only thing that embarrassed me was that I was fishing a lake that had fantastic bushes all round and I got a call of nature. I walked over to the bushes and started to relieve myself when there was a loud "HOI!!!" and from under the bush crawled a very WET chap and his girl!! I couldn't even apologise I was laughing so much!!!!


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          Paul Downes

          My most embarrassing moment was when i was taking pools and names for a match on the Stratford cut and without even looking up i took his money and said ......whats your name mate ......i still cringe now when i think about it.Really felt a plank at that moment
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


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            Larry's faut pas reminds me of one! When I was weighing in on a charity match one of the competitors spilled his fish on the canal bank. I came out with "you're doing a Paul Downes are you." Paul was standing behind me!! Not sure who told me that was a Downes special when weighing in but as he's resting in peace I'll conjecture it was Roy Blud,who some Midlanders may remember from the Red Lion opens on what was until recently our stretch of the Grand Union.
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              Not really a funny but when you look at the pictures you'll see why it's in here.

              JUST FOR NEIL

              5 people and 2 lots of gear into a 106 will go

              I had loads of room as the driver: D
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                you could have woke Liam up b4 you took the pic lol


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                  Here goes with THE ONLY time i remember ever being EMBARRASSED

                  The following events took place after a LimeTree Club match at Sheepy Magna on January 12th 2003

                  Prior to our match on Sunday 12th Jan quit a few Roach had been going belly up on the pool and it was arranged for the EA to come and take away some of the still alive Roach for tests to see what the problem was.

                  Well the man from the EA turned up and as i had drawn the scales he walked around with me and collected some of the Roach which were sickly looking and i also netted and handed him some that were swimming weakly on the surface.

                  Now whats embarrassing about that you ask..

                  Well nothing but that has set the scene for over an hours worth of phone calls on Monday night between myself, Steve (posts on here as steve007, Paul Roberts the club sec and the EA then a trip to the hospital.

                  Now it gets interesting (and careful with the wording)

                  On the Monday afternoon i noticed that all was not well down below with something appearing swollen and peeling (i wont be any more descriptive than that) as well as a big lump appearing and being in some pain

                  Needless to say i thought what the hell was going on.!!

                  The only thing i could think of was maybe (now the reason for this post)

                  Whilst answering the call of nature after the fishing on the Sunday i had managed to pass something from a fish to a part of my body that does not get to see daylight.

                  So me being me made a phone call to Steve to see if he had any problems in that area...

                  His reply is not printable on an open forum suffice to say that he had no problem and his other half had a good laugh.

                  So i thought in for a penny in for a pound and rang Paul to see if he had a contact number for the EA so they could say yes or no to a possible disease transfer...

                  BIG MISTAKE as Paul had no number but a lot of laughs and even his wife joined in offering words of wisdom (regarding Condoms and the like)

                  Well after speaking to Paul i got hold of the EA which meant that for the 3rd time i had to explain what the problem was and you could tell that although the guy on the other end of the phone was trying not to laugh he did find it funny, but he was helpfull and rang me back after contacting someone else (proberly had a good laugh then) to say that it was not likely for any thing to have been passed from the fish to me.

                  So off to the Hospital i go to see what they say and to explain it all again to 3 different people The Receptionist, a Nurse and then finally a Doctor (who had a look and a poke about)

                  I was not embarressed any more but mostly laughing as trying to explain the situation

                  Well after 3 hours at the hospital and being poked about by a Doctor, he reckons it was caused by a lack of sugar and protein but booked me in the next day to get some tests done on the affected area and hopefully sort it out.

                  And before anyone asks no it was NOT the STD Clinic he booked me into but it did mean I had to explain it all again.

                  Every so often i get reminded of the above and i must admit i have a good laugh NOW although at the time i was REALLY WORRIED
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                    I remember it well.
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                      there must be a line or two there for me to extract the urine ...but it will refrain as it may be painful for you
                      In darkness we do what we can
                      In daylight we're oblivion


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                        So what was it malc


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                          A friend of mine who shall remain nameless had a very similar experience having used shampoo as a lubricant then fell to sleep and woke up the next morning having doubled in size but in much pain!
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                            The funniest thing i ever saw while fishing happened a few years ago at Little Bleakhills Fishery near Mansfield.
                            It was a bitterly cold January day and there was only one fisherman and myself on the lake, we were catching small roach quite regular so it kept us busy, a car pulled up, a bloke gets out and lets himself through the gate and walks up to the guy on the next platform to me, he enquires how its fishing before explaining that he's just come back from the Trent, where he spent 3 hours freezing and no bites, on the way back he got a flat tyre and had to change the wheel, a few miles further on he got stopped by the cops for speeding and given a ticket, he was hoping his luck might change here, he walked up to the next platform to have a look, like we all do, but he slipped on the frosty wooden platform and went head first into the pond, my neighbour ran to give him a hand out, the guys face was purple, he didn't say a word, just marched to his car and shot off, me and the other guy could hardly fish after that for laughing.


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                              the day i will never forget
                              it was a cold wet and windy day and i was fishing a makins id got my brolly up attached to me brolly arm off me box, hadnt had a bite for over an hour so i deided to stand up an stretch me legs an take a leak just as id started to pee in the bush behind me the wind took my brolly an box up in to the air and in to the pool all i could do was watch my box and brolly slowly sinking about 20 yards out in the pool after about 20 min of swearing and cursing myself for been such a plak i went to find the baylif who just shook his head and pointed to this shabby old boat i managed to drag the boat to the pool we was fishig on but couldnt do nothin till the match had finished 2 and a half hours later the wistle blew and i began the mission to rescue my box but the any trouble was i hadnt got any ors all i had was a plak of wood luckerly one of the old boys i was with was on hand an in the boat to help me i started to paddle my way out and just as we got close the wind took us further away at this point the boat was leaking in water bad and we was sinkig no mater how hard i paddled we was just getting further away we reached the other side of the pool and draged the boat back out to empty the water,i was ready for giving up and calling it an expensive day out but the old boy had an idea to use his brolly as a sail and it worked we managed to get me box and me brolly out nealy capsizing the boat though but the any thig was the top of me box had opend and every thin had fell out and is sum wher in the middle of the pool. it was an expensive pee i tell ya and ive learnt a valuble lesson