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WARNING this is not for the young or squemmish

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  • WARNING this is not for the young or squemmish

    the first link is to show you what your signing against and what we must try and stop

    WARNING this is not for the young or squemmish, i could only watch the intro it upset me that much

    the second is an online petition

    this must be stopped!!!!

    you may find these images Graphic and disturbing - Dolphin massacre in Japan

    sign here
    Stop the dolphin and whale killings in Taiji Petition

    please feel free to lift these two links and spread them around the world
    the sooner this stops the better
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>

  • #2
    Signed it.

    Everyone email your friends to visit this page and sign the petition.
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
    web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


    • #3
      Found it absolutely horrorfying, and it made me so bloody angry, and ashamed that man can do this.
      Petition signed.


      • #4
        barbaric......I thought Japan was a civilised country.........obviously not.


        • #5
          please just do your little bit for these poor things!!!!!!!!!


          • #6
            signed it ..... Absolutely shocked .


            • #7
              sick and cruel mother f****** , ima go japan and cut them open

              signed it
              [COLOR="SeaGreen"]carp fisher!but its a bream![/COLOR]


              • #8

                what the f... that is disgusting i was in kenya watching these beautiful creatures wild and they do this to them or any creature of no defence the sick mo fos total tos.... makes me happy to be human
                a pint of johns and a bag of planters please:D:D