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Your boiler what you need to know

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  • Your boiler what you need to know

    some people have no idea
    I went to a job today to see about a boiler that was condemed by british gas. The boiler had been serviced and then a co reading was taken straight after it had been put back together, which it failed. I went to look at it with the intension of changing it, after talking to them i found out what had happened and retested it for them and it was fine, If this happenes to you ask them to re check it in 24 hours as a boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger will normaly do this if tested for co straight away after been striped and serviced
    british gas will araing for a sales man to be around at your door ASAP after switching you off

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    Good advice mate


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      nice one mak,

      fair play to you!
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        I work for a company called mr electric well until friday and we are salesman as well as tecncians and the prices are stupidly high on everything like finding faults and fuse board changes and its a national company so if you get a quote from them get others aswell