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440 horse power

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  • 440 horse power

    Awesome power, had a go on this babe twice, Courtney was on with me the second time, she whooped and hollered all the way thru the ride, fantastic vessel, the DEAD STOP, awesome. Thats me on the starboard side of the boat. the fast turns, breath taking, and everyone gets soaked to the skin LoL. The skipper even went straight to the rocks and turned at the last minute, scary but exciting,

    Click for bigger picture
    [B][COLOR="Red"]Be happy, go fishing[/COLOR][/B] :)

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    Looks good, where did you do that and was it expensive? Doesnt look like its on the Thames to me...
    Mark Harrington
    Tap till they come up and look you in the eyes!


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      Majorca mate, 39euro for 45 minutes
      [B][COLOR="Red"]Be happy, go fishing[/COLOR][/B] :)