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Do you ask for a discount

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  • Do you ask for a discount

    This is how I got a big discount on my new car.... do you ask for discounts and if so what are your successes..

    Just remember if the list price is say £12000 then you should get it for
    under £10000.... what you do is this, AND YOU MUST STICK TO IT....

    1. Go for a test drive and say you like it.
    2. Get them to get the brochures for you and ask if there are any special
    3. Then you must take the salespersons name and phone number (ask for a
    business card)
    4. Then YOU MUST LEAVE THE SHOWROOM and leave it for at least a week.
    5. Always plan your return journey to the showroom to be at the end of a
    quarter (like a couple of weeks before the end of March, June, September or
    December)... this is really important as this is when they are under most
    pressure to sell more cars - this is when they get desparate.
    6. On the next visit you arrange to see the same salesperson - important to
    build up a relationship and play them at their own game.
    7. Before you go on the visit do some research on the internet and find the
    cheapest price you can for the car you want... for example you might see it
    on XYZ website for a £2500 discount.
    8. When you go on the second visit you ask the salesperson to work you out a
    price and a quote for the finance - "Because you need to see what it is
    going to cost you per month"..... this shows the salesperson you are
    seriously interested.
    9. WHATEVER the price the salesperson says you must say (and use this
    language) - "bloody hell thats a hell of alot more than I thought it would
    be".... at this point the salesperson will have taken your name address
    phone number etc.... and this is where they will pressure you and you will
    have to have a strong will as this is where you EARN your discount.
    10. You take the cheapest price you saw on the internet and take another 10%
    off of it (you are now asking for an unrealistic discount)... expect the
    salesperson to say "no chance" or "where have you seen that" - you just say
    on a couple of internet sites - if he asks for the website address just say
    you looked at loads of them but you can phone him with them if he wants - he
    won't want you to do this as he doesnt want you to leave the showroom
    without signing.
    11. He should then sharpen his pencil a bit and offer you a bit of a
    12. At the point he offers you some discount you MUST get him to write it
    down and then you MUST leave the showroom saying you need a couple of days
    to think about it.
    13. Now here is the important bit... you leave. You then MUST wait until the
    salesperson calls you back... don't worry he will, it is getting toward the
    end of the financial quarter and his bonus depends on it.... when he calls
    back you just mention the internet price again in the conversation and ask
    "Can you see what you can do" - you may feel embarrassed to ask but it will
    be exciting and remember - "Dont ask dont get".... these salespeople are
    ripping people off day in day out and you need to squeeze them to get a good
    14. Then mention "I'm in town tomorrow, if you can do me a good price I can
    come and order it".... this is the red rag to the bull..... he will probably
    have to go and speak to his boss, and you should never order a car until the
    boss has had to be involved - once the boss has given a price then ask him to
    "throw some nice alloys in"....

    That is how I managed to buy my Landrover which was list price £27,500 for
    £17,500 and a set of sports alloys worth £1500!
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
    web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital

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    What else did you do If its a chick I always do what you do, But complement on her ass, ect even though she a chunky one. And your right in what you are saying, You may feel a complete idiot but you only see this person once ! Now if you don't ask you will not get.
    [B][I][COLOR="Red"]There is no point trying if your afraid of losing[/COLOR][/I][/b]


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      HHAHA you got £10000 of amazing
      [FONT="System"][COLOR="Black"]Matt.Ingram be the name
      Guess who is back...