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smokin !

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  • smokin !

    My paj has just failed mot on emissions, only slightly over . I serviced it and blocked the erg (still dont know wot that does). Anybody have any ideas for a quick (cheap) fix?

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    Bottle of injector cleaner in the fuel, Then just before you take it into M O T CENTRE GET THE ENGINE REALLY HOT (REV THE BALLS OUT OF IT) Works every time as long as the cat is not shagged
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      Polepot i had a spacewaggon which failed its mot on emmissions for the last 3 years until i got rid. I got it through by putting a full bottle of redex in a third of a tank of petrol and rev'd the nuts of it for an hour befor the retest. On the last one i tried it befor the test and it still failed so took it to the mitsi garage and all they did was put there version of redex in the engine direct and it passed.

      One thing i was told was never use supermarket petrol has this will cause these sort of problems.
      Steve Davies


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        Cheers lads, just got egr off now, packed solid with gunk . Ive got the redex in, never heard of puttin it in the engine


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          Just get it and rev the nuts out of it 10 mins before you take it down for the test mate - works every time! And when I say rev it I mean give it everything for about 30 seconds till you have a big dirty cloud behind the wagon!
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            gona take it out n blast it up n down lancs before it goes in


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              It Passed !!!!!!


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                Originally posted by polepot View Post
                It Passed !!!!!!

                BUT there's reports of major fog in lancs for some reason now


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