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Blues team arrested.

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  • Blues team arrested.

    Birmingham city football team have supposedly all been arrested.A police spokesman said that they went down to london and commited DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.

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      The result made my day, but having said that you makes your own luck in football their heads did not go down and it was nice to see a positive reaction from the manager, and whilst one result dont make a season maybe the corner has been turned.
      Cornerstone you are bitter and twisted mate I love it when ANY Midlands team gets one over the London teams. We in the Midlands have been in the football wilderness for too long apart from the odd final appearance we aint had a lot to shout about.


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        It was meant as a joke.If you want to see anyone bitter and twisted then ask some of your fans who battled the police and bricked men,women,and children that were locked in a car park,just because they lost a game of football.By the way i put money on the blues to win,so i was probably more pleased than you.I also have a £20 bet on villa being higher in the league than tottenham at the end of the season.


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          Cornerstone jokes go in the joke page you actually posted in match talk, was that by chance for maximum impact, you knock the Blues as often as you can, but then I come from an age where there was no football violence or hatred, and fans from both clubs stood on the same terrrace and enjoyed the banter shook hands after the game.
          As a youngster I used to happily watch the Blues one week and the Villa the next and that continued untill I got married, I abhore the violence that surrounds the modern game it has nothing to do with real supporters of football, and is only caused by a mindless few and if one was a son of mine I would turn him in.


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            I dont know the ins and outs of where to post jokes.But if opposing fans cant have a bit of banter,then its getting sad.I drink and associate with mostly blues fans,and take a lot of stick,that joke by the way came from a blues season ticket holder.Someone with a sense of humour.


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              Us Bluenoses have to have a sense of humor just to be a Bluenose
              If we did not laugh we would cry at some of the things that go on at St Andrews