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Petrol and Deisel prices

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  • Petrol and Deisel prices

    Would you guys support the national protests against fuel prices?

    It seems to me that when the prices krept up over £1 a litre this time round very little public discontent was heard - think the government distracted everyone with Gordon Brown taking over as PM, but then the prices suddenly shot through the roof. I can't believe it cost me £67 to fill up this week and normally its about £55.

    Anyway two weeks ago the price of crude oil fell back to its levels before the price hikes but we surprisingly don't see the price at the pump going back down!!!!
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    the extra duty added to the price of a litre of fuel in sept and the planned increase next april as/will not help
    the goverment is collecting around 3bn extra a year in duty due to price increases its just one big gravy train to be exploited by the goverment who have no intrest in fuel prices falling


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      Only £67 it will cost me atleast £80 to fill up now robbing barstewards


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        Fuel protests have my full backing, so long as they keep going untill the government is on its knees. The French, and Americans would not stand for it.We are part of the "COMMON MARKET" yet pay more than any one else for fuel. For me the last one should have gone on another few days.