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Anyone take the wife with them...

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  • Anyone take the wife with them...

    Come on, admit it... who has tried to get the wife / girlfriend to take up the sport?

    Think I have tried it with most I have been out with! But no success, the best I have gotten is a nice picknic bought along, couple of beers and a roll in the hay!

    Anyone actually managed to get the wife to go fishing?
    Simon Young
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    My wife has some fond memories of going fishing with me, well theres allways a smile on her face when she recalls some of the days out she had with me, before the kids started to arrive, and taking every thing bar the kichen sink became a burden, ladies day was a great day out with two of the clubs I was in with the ladies having a short match after the men, It usually meant longer in the pub as well.


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      I used to take the ex pleasure fishing but when she started catching more than me I soon put a stop to it.

      We once went down the Chesterfield canal at Rhodesia houses and I set her up a margin pole and chucked in a load of old gbait loaded with pellets and told her to sit and wait on a pellet, whilst I did proper stuff on the far side. I knew she wouldn't catch on a load of old pudding but she would enjoy the day out in the sun.

      Once she had 18 chub, a bream and a reasonable carp in the net, I thought enough was enough and she never fished again!


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        re;wife fishing

        When i first started fishing in 2004 i was going out with a lass who loved to go fishing with me, she even had her own rod and reel and was quite good,its a shame i didnt appreciate her at the time, split up last xmas.
        swany 76


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          The wife comes me nearly all the time,she in both clubs (sat/sun) and quite often beats me.
          ps, she drives I dont


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            Naw never ever take the wife fishing ....... It would spoil the peace & quiet


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              Yes some bloke took mine


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                sorry mate


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                  No worries mate, she was the only woman I knew that could burn boiled eggs.


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                    Could be I finished up with her


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                      My Mrs visited Blyton Ponds with me, we stayed for a week end, she onle agreed to go because there was other girlies there, oh and a pub up the road, and a shower in the log cabin, and a flushing bog, and a decent shopping place a few miles away.

                      Give her credit tho, she did stay on the bank side for a full day without a single moan , bless her cotton socks
                      [B][COLOR="Red"]Be happy, go fishing[/COLOR][/B] :)


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                        posted by me

                        The wife comes me nearly all the time,she in both clubs (sat/sun) and quite often beats me.

                        And again yesterday


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                          you should be used to it y now Frank