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    Who on here has ever been on a working party?

    If you dont know what one is then you havent!

    I remember these used to be run by our club and we did have some great days out - it was nice to see so many people getting stuck in, really was a good education in fisheries management.
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    Its still going in our club, we have 10 a year you must attend one or pay a fine of £15, which is £3 more than the subs, might be the reason that we have a great fishery and a good bank balance as well, two hours a year is not a great deal of time to give, I had some good times on the BAA working parties back in the seventies.


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      BAA were good days ....those were the days when i used to drink...lmao.they used to learn me up me Moms door and run......never could hold me beer
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        Yes lads the old BAA bank clearing days where rather enjoyablehad some great laughs


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          I did as a kid when I used to fish Glossop DAA waters. Do a Sunday mornings work and get a certain amount of money off your permit for the following year. Great idea that I've suggested we do down at our local lake and to give credit to the kids, they helped to clear up a lot of rubbish (over 18 black bin liners full) last month for no monetary gain.

          Just needs organising by those that run the club.