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Any computer wizzkids out there

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  • Any computer wizzkids out there

    On my e:mails sometimes the pictures sent just appear as a dark grey square, if I run the cursor over them I get the little boxes for saving etc.
    Does anyone have the reason for this as it is very frustrating.
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    Viewing images in outlook express

    Boss man if the images have been sent to you as attachments than doing the following might solve ur problem.
    At the top of your screen in Outlook Express open the tools tab.
    A box will open click on ''options''.
    A further box will open with a number of tabs. Click on ''Security''
    You will see a command Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus'' If the box is ticked .... UNTICK it than click on apply then ok.

    This will allow you to view the attachements ie ur photos. Never open any attachments from people u don't know or better still have an anti virus program checking ur e-mail as it arrives in your box or scan manually b4 opening to prevent any virus entering ur computer.

    Hope this helps........

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      Could be this instead

      The only other problem is if u have Outlook Express 6 as it blocks images from websites within ur emails ( Not attachments) automatically. To view your pictures, in the Preview Area below ur Inbox should be the message Somes pictures have been blocked to help prevent identifiying your computer. Click here to download pictures

      Do as asked above. And all will be revealed

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        what a guy


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          So whats with the virus download thingy, that appears on my computer?


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            is it 'winantivirus' brian ?


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              Originally posted by Brian G
              So whats with the virus download thingy, that appears on my computer?
              Its an avatar Brian ... that is if u are referring to the post a couple above this.


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                The question was "Are there any computer wizzkids out there?" and the answer is

                No, Just Scatty


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                  Nothing ever changes on here Mark